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There are countless fabricated structural steel products that surround us. While we pass them on the street, or perhaps drive over them, many people overlook these projects. The reason is their design and engineering has crafted something that blends into the world around us, rather than sticking out. So that a skyscraper, or a bridge doesn’t look like a piece of metal, but like a piece of architecture that perfectly fits into the area.

Combining an understanding of steel composition with artistic craftsmanship

LITCO Industries is one of the leading steel fabrication companies in the UAE for a reason – we are capable of delivering on even the most complex of projects and tightest of deadlines.

Our team of in-house designers and metal fabricators have the technical expertise and craftsmanship to create even the most intricate structures. We make use of the most advanced digital visualisation platforms and technologies to create detailed digital representations that can be manipulated and changed to fit your particular design preference.

By using powerful rendering engines and commercial-level computer-aided design software, we can provide you with end-to-end services, from conceptual design and detail management to fabrication and design implementation. This technology allows us to identify and resolve potential challenges in the fabrication of the product, thus reducing production costs and increasing client cost-savings. We can also determine the best material to achieve both structural integrity and design specifications. Through this, we can ensure that the structure will hold strong.

Close collaboration in every project

We here at LITCO Industries understand the importance of client input and collaboration. As such, we keep our clients in the loop throughout every stage of the production process. From conceptualisation to fabrication, we will ensure that the design will be accomplished according to your preferences.

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