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Design and Engineering

What is Design and Engineering?

Design and Engineering is a set of processes that engineers draw before starting any project. This process is progressive; it follows a set of processes that may need to be repeated before moving on to the next one. This will vary based on the project, but it allows for failures to be learned from and improvements to be made.

Best Design & Engineering Services in UAE
Litco implies finest design and engineering processes that enables the application of applied engineering procedures to obtain a high level of optimization in order to meet the requirements of your objectives.We employ a range of techniques and tools to achieve design and engineering success during the product development process. Our expert design and engineering team blends classic solutions with cutting-edge concepts in ways that benefit you.
Litco offers Reliable Engineering for Excellence in Innovation

Litco is an exceptional company that can provide you with out-of-the-box design and engineering solutions that combine technical expertise with inventive ideas. Over the years we have drawn unique design and engineering processes that ensure maximum operational effectiveness and enables the application of applied engineering procedures to obtain a high level of optimization in order to meet the requirements of your objectives. We know how to align numerous workflows and timetables while minimizing construction and operating costs that require a great deal of ingenuity.More than two decades of experience enables us to understand the intricacies of your type of land development or building. Litco specialize in commercial, industrial, residential, municipal, transportation, and other areas.

We Apply Modern Technology

We use the most advanced tools to create modern and unique designs that are aesthetically pleasing and help us create unmatchable customised designs for our valuable customers. These tools help us to meet the highest standards of design
that are built for the future.

Bentley Limcon

Bentley Limcon is a remarkable software program for designing and visualising stainless steel connectors and fittings quickly and easily. There are a variety of ways to construct and analyse joints with this simple-to-use tool. To speed up the process, it has a database of common connections that can be accessed by users. Complete the entire process in accordance with established protocols used around the world. At litco we are using this amazing software for structure models for creating 2D maps. With the help of the program’s features, we use it to change the style and layout of the drawings.

Ram Connection Standalone

We use this incredible tool to perform analysis and design of virtually any connection type, as well as verify your connections in seconds, all while performing comprehensive calculations, including seismic compliance. It boosts our productivity by optimising workflows and fully integrating 3D design models, as well as allowing us to customise the application with preferences.

IDEA StatiCa

We also use another amazing software for engineering designs known as IDEA StatiCa. It helps for all sorts of structural steel connections and foundation plates, as IDEA StatiCa is the software of choice for steel connection design. Our amazing connection design processes are expedited as a result of this feature. This software has amazing features like regardless of the complexity of the geometry or the load or whatever connections and steel connection details your project wants can be designed and code-checked by you.We Obtain a complete report for all of our projects with help of this software.

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