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Gate Barriers are generally used to allow or block vehicular and personal access and to prevent any unauthorized entry in the premises. Litco offers state of the art gate barrier solutions that are reliable and serves the purpose to its fullest. Over the years we installed gate barrier systems on various places in Dubai including parking facilities, checkpoints and entrances in order to restrict areas and to control passage through toll booths. We offer multiple types of gate barrier solutions to confront the needs of various parameters.


Manual Gate Barriers Dubai

 Manual gate barriers are easy to operate; these are counterbalanced to maintain vehicle access in any premises with embedded functionality of lifting handles and locking bar at the pivot point. Litco offers multiple types of manual gate barriers in Dubai that offer finest security solutions and can be used according to specific requirements of various sites.

  •  Model Garrison
  • Manual gate Barrier model Standard
  • Road Closer – Swing Arm Barriers
  • ‘WagonStoppers’ or Height Restrictors

Automatic Gate Barriers Dubai

Automatic gate barriers are rapid action barriers normally functioning with torque motors that are constantly energised and embedded with vehicle detector loops, safety photocells and ultrasonic barriers. We offer various types of automatic barriers to confront specific needs of various clients. 

  • Automatic Barrier model FBX
  • Automatic Barrier model FB
  • Automatic Barrier model HB
  • Swivel Skirted Automatic Barriers

Gate Barrier System in Dubai

Gate barriers, also known as boom gates or gate barrier systems, have a very important role in security management in Dubai. These systems have a strong barrier arm that is raised or lowered to control the passage of vehicles.

Litco Industries offers gate barriers in Dubai designed especially for the unique needs of Dubai’s diverse landscape.

Importance of Gate Barrier System Dubai

As mentioned above, gate barriers in Dubai are for securing commercial and residential areas. Here are a few other benefits of gate barriers in Dubai.

Security Enhancement:

Gate barriers ensure the security of residential communities, commercial spaces, and industries in Dubai. They act as the first line of defense by preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering restricted areas.

Traffic Management:

In a city known for its traffic bottlenecks, gate barriers are crucial for managing vehicle flow. Gate barrier systems are used at toll booths, parking facilities, and gated communities to regulate access and maintain proper traffic.

Access Control:

Sensitive locations, such as government buildings, educational institutions, and high-security zones require strong security systems to prevent breaches. With the help of a gate barrier, security personnels can allow or deny access to individuals and vehicles.

Parking Facilities:

Gate barrier systems are used in parking areas all over Dubai. They ensure that only authorized vehicles can enter parking lots to streamline the parking space. 


Gate barriers also help in pedestrian safety by preventing vehicles from entering pedestrian zones and walkways. This is especially important in areas that have heavy foot traffic, such as school zones and office spaces.

Litco Industries–Your Trusted Gate Barrier Supplier in Dubai:

Litco Industries is a leading supplier of gate barrier systems in Dubai, providing state-of-the-art solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the city. Our gate barriers withstand the harsh weather conditions of Dubai and have advanced access control technology for efficient operation.

Whether it’s securing a residential community, managing traffic at a busy shopping mall, or regulating access to a government facility, Litco Industries’ gate barrier systems are a great choice.

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A gate barrier system is a security and access control system that uses a huge barrier arm to control the entry and exit of vehicles. They are important in Dubai to improve security, manage traffic, and control access to various places, given the city’s diverse landscape and security needs.

A gate barrier system typically includes a barrier arm, an access control mechanism, card readers, keypads, remote controls, and a control panel.
The system operates by raising and lowering the barrier arm in response to authorized access requests, ensuring only authorized vehicles can pass.

Gate barrier systems in Dubai find applications in a wide range of settings, including residential communities, commercial complexes, industrial facilities, parking areas, government buildings, and high-security zones. They enhance security, manage traffic flow, and control access effectively.

When selecting a gate barrier supplier in Dubai, consider factors such as the supplier’s reputation, experience, the quality of their products, and their ability to provide customized solutions. It’s essential to partner with a trusted supplier like Litco Industries, known for its expertise in gate barrier systems in Dubai.

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