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Large steel structures take a considerable amount of time and effort to accomplish. It involves mobilising technology, machinery, and manpower on a large scale in order to accomplish projects that are of a massive scale. This process is often integrated in the construction of corporate buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, and arenas.

If you are in need of professionals who can accomplish the erection of large steel structures, there is one name you can always count on – LITCO Industries.

Providing safe, efficient, cost-effective services

Everything starts with planning. We will set a reasonable time period, based on the magnitude of the work to be done, the resources that can be availed, and the location of the construction project. Taking into consideration local rules and regulations by the government, we will set a time period of the completion of the structure.

We will establish tiers or stages, which will serve as milestones where particular portions or sections must be completed. Throughout each tier, we will provide you with an update, as you keep in constant communication with your dedicated project manager. This will also provide you ample time to provide your input on the construction process.

Ensuring safety and security in the job site

We understand the danger of the job. That is why we constantly update our safety measures to ensure that we accomplish each and every task without any injury. Additionally, we conduct regular safety drills and training sessions to equip our personnel with the necessary skills to perform their tasks, while minimising all possible risks. By optimising our work processes and upgrading the skills of our field personnel we are able to improve work efficiency and safety at the same time.

To augment our manpower resources, we mobilise industry standard machinery and equipment to achieve project accomplishment within the projected time frame. We use elevated work platforms, lifts, and cranes to move large objects and conjoin large sections together.

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