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Wire & Welded Mesh Fence Dubai

A welded mesh fence is highly advised for privacy and security. In comparison to other types of materials, it also offers a longer lifespan and greater durability. Weld mesh fences are more frequently used for security purposes since they can build a solid steel barrier that is more robust than woven fences. Get unparalleled strength with our fences made with welded wire and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.


Fence panels made of welded mesh are more reliable and secure. As a result, it is put in private dwellings, business locations, or play spaces in schools. Compared to traditional woven wire, welded wire offers increased stability due to the strong welds at each intersection. This offers a high level of protection and limits any unauthorized access. Appliances for agriculture, industry, transportation and the home also use welded mesh fences. Strong cross points and rigid openings are characteristics of welded mesh fencing. Unlike woven or chain link fences, they can be employed for long-term security.


Litco provides a range of top-notch welded mesh fences solutions that are highly favoured for security requirements. We provide premium components, installation, and repair services. To suit the needs of its customers, Litco tries to offer the best services available. The perimeter security branch of Litco has systems that can help detect intrusions. Our welded mesh fences may provide an additional layer of defence when used with welded mesh fences by spotting and pinpointing any attempt to climb, cut, or otherwise breach a fence. The strongest and highest-quality welding wires are offered by Litco. Our welded mesh fence can be easily modified, installed, and maintained.


When it comes to the busy cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, luxury and safety go hand in hand. Litco Industries understands the needs of these cities and offers wire and welded mesh fencing solutions. Our wire mesh fencing in Dubai has become synonymous with durability, efficiency and visual appeal. At Litco, we also offer installation of welded wire mesh for fencing, partitions, and security cages.

Welded Mesh Fence

Welded mesh fences, in addition to welded wire fences, are quite popular in Dubai. This is because of the city’s need for security and architectural functionality. 

Litco Industries uses a unique process to create welded mesh fences that connect wires in a mesh system. This fabrication technique offers durability and strength. Litco Industries welded mesh fences are available to consumers in a wide variety. Our welded wire mesh offered a cost-effective solution for reinforcing the foundation. Functional and visually appealing, the welded mesh fence blends seamlessly into the modern landscapes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Wire Mesh Fence

Wire fencing, Litco Industries premium construction, provides protection and architectural finesse. A wire mesh fence has interconnecting wires, creating a grid system that doesn’t prevent visibility. It is widely used in residential, industrial and commercial areas for security purposes. The versatility of our welded wire mesh makes it a suitable choice for both fencing and machine guarding applications in your facility. The wire mesh fence from Litco Industries withstands the harsh weather conditions in the UAE, making it the ultimate choice for properties.

Custom Welded Fence Solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

Litco Industries provides custom welded mesh and wire mesh fencing solutions to customers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our experienced team also works with customers to develop policies and plans for your specific projects. 

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Welded mesh fences are constructed through welding wires together, giving amazing strength and durability. Wire mesh fences encompass interwoven wires, imparting visibility whilst retaining safety. The choice between them relies upon your unique safety needs and aesthetic choices.

Yes, Litco Industries’ welded and wire mesh fences are designed to face up to the harsh weather conditions of the UAE. Their materials and creation are chosen to make certain long-lasting overall performance within the harsh climate of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Litco Industries’ welded and wire mesh fences are low-maintenance security solutions. However, you have to conduct periodic inspections and cleaning to ensure their longevity. Routine preservation consists of checking for any signs of damage or corrosion and addressing them promptly.

Welded mesh has diverse uses, including an inexpensive fencing fabric, an impact screen for the windows, or as a cowl for drains and open water. A welded mesh offers a flat surface that keeps a stable shape and may assist or protect different gadgets.