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Litco, one of the leading roofing manufacturers in the UAE, provides a variety of clay roof tile profiles made from the highest quality terra cotta available on the market. Our clay roof tile products, made in Sharjah from a mix of International and locally sourced raw materials, are fully customizable and come with a material warranty of several years.
Barrel Roof Tile
We offer a wide range of barrel roof tiles that have been existing for centuries and till today preference of people for their projects. Our barrel roof tiles mainly exist in two types based on their design spanish roof tile and mission tile. Spanish barrel roof tiles are in demand because their high profile barrels make the roof look a striking statement of texture and style in the sunlight.While mission tile gives a more rustic look as they are laid in straight rows and makes design looks more appealing.
Interlocking Roof Tile
Litco is one of the leading roofing manufacturers in the UAE, therefore it offers interlocking tile that comes with graceful proportions and classic aesthetics. Beside its elegant appearance and appealing texture, interlocking tiles are much easier to install as compared to traditional roofing tiles. Litco offers admirable interlocking tiles that come with a variety of sizes, surfaces and textures to cater the needs of various architectural designs and are easier to install.
Slate Roof Tile
Litco offers best slate roof tiles that feature all the beauty of natural slate to make the architecture look more gloomy and aesthetically appealing. They are highly durable and reliable as are specific techniques to enhance the lifespan of tera coat clay which is used to manufacture slate roof tiles.The colour of our slate roof tiles will not fade away because of the specific firing techniques we apply.
Shingle Tile
Litco brings another high demand shingle tile with a variety of textures available in Litco terracotta shingle tile to meet various architectural profile needs. Our shingle tiles can be tailored in custom textures according to the needs of clients. The texture quality of litco shingle tile is refined to make it glare with original colours shining.

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