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Access Control

Access control features are an effective solution for access control, allowing parking premises to get real-time information on people entering or leaving or only allow authorized people to enter. Litco offers finest access control products that are used to recognize the authenticity of persons entering the premises. Our various access control products act on access barriers according to entry lists, automatizing access and we improve operations integrating with several video recording systems as well. 

Digital Keypad

Our digital keypads are made of stainless steel and are resistant to vandalism or any unauthorized entry. With a master code and codes for multiple  separate users, the digital front panel is fully programmable. Authorized users will have the access to change the codes.

Card Readers

Litco brings a flexible card-reader system to organise integrated access in particular areas of any building. We are offering numerous and diverse card reader systems ranging from basic magnetic key readers to fully programmable touch-card/proximity readers with individual numbers for each card. Our access control systems come up with built in  swipe wiegand and online management systems. Moreover anti-pass back and timed anti-pass back options can also be added upon demand. 

Intercom Systems

Litco Intercom systems play a vital role in remote communication between security staff and visitors at your place. It helps security people to investigate the identity of a visitor whether he is authorised or not and then enter premises after being recognized. Our intercom systems speech quality ranges from 55,200 and 350 metres-amplification that is necessary to hear a voice from a bit longer system.


Litco offers keyswitch products made up of stainless steel, for Access Control Entry Systems. These are applicable where you need to operate, lock, unlock or override a door. With the largest in-house structural steel erection and fabrication facility we offer finest key switches that are unmatched in quality.

Push buttons

Push buttons are one of the mostly commonly installed access control applications. Our push buttons come up with a spring loaded button that is mounted on a stainless steel plate. It helps to restrict unauthorised access in the premises. 

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